My first Sephora experience!|Mini Sephora haul


Whilst I was in Rome I took my first ever trip to Sephora as we don’t have them in the UK. I picked up a few bits from brands I can’t get at home so I thought I’d share them with you.


The first thing I picked up was a Sephora Pomegranate face mask which was a really great hydrating sheet mask that made my skin feel amazing and smelt really nice, I really wish I had bought a few more.



Tony Moly is a Korean brand that has the cutest packaging! I was so excited when I saw it in Sephora and to finally get my hands on some of their skin care. I have loved every single one of these products, the Pandas Dream moisture gel cream and eye stick are very hydrating and make my skin feel very soft and nourished as well as being the cutest products I have ever owned! The jelly face mask was also very moisturising and made my face feel lovely, although I did get a lot of jelly everywhere. Lastly the gloss bar is sooo cute and is a nice natural cherry red colour that is very easy to wear and not drying on the lips. I definitely want to try more from Tony Moly!

The last thing I got was a Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick in the shade Susperia. This lipstick really is everlasting! It stays on for hours and is perfectly matte. I chose this beautiful shade of purple but they come in every colour you could imagine. They also smell like toffee which is nice!

I really enjoyed  my trip to Sephora and will definitely be shopping there again when I can! I would definitely recommend all of the products in this haul, I have really liked them all and they are all fairly affordable.

Thank you to everyone who reads this I really hope you enjoyed it!

All of the pictures of the pictures in this post were either taken by me or Nathan, feel free to follow us on Instagram if you would like –



Sofia xx

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