Trying out new Lush products!


I am a big fan of Lush but unfortunately I don’t have a bath in my flat so I don’t get the chance to use many bath bombs. So I decided to give some of their other products a try so I don’t miss out on my Lush fix!



First off I picked up one of their new jelly face masks as my skin has been quite bad recently and I thought they looked pretty cool! I chose Just To Clarify as it brightens and exfoliates which is exactly what I need for my winter skin!It also smells like Orange which is one of my favourite scents. This mask is super easy to use, you just rub some of the jelly in your hands so it becomes a paste and pop it on your face. I usually leave it for about 20 minutes until it is dry and then wash it off with warm water. It leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and looking bright an healthy! I would definitely like to try a few more of these Jelly masks and would 100% recommend them as it has really helped my skin.



I also got a Scrubee as it was so cute I just couldn’t leave it there! One of the lovely ladies in Lush kindly showed me how to use it, the bumblebee stripes are full of ground almonds and ground coconut shells which exfoliate your skin and the rest of the bee is full of honey and cocoa butter to make your skin super soft and silky! My skin feels unbelievable after I’ve used this and it smells so much like white chocolate its almost good enough to eat!



Thats all I got from Lush this time but I will definitely have to go again closer to Christmas!

Thank you to everyone who reads this I really hope you enjoyed it!

All of the pictures of the pictures in this post were either taken by me or Nathan, feel free to follow us on Instagram if you would like –



Sofia xx

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