Lush Naked Shower Gel!


I’ve been doing quite a lot of Christmas shopping this week an I couldn’t resist picking up some treats for myself!

I picked up one of the new naked shower gels from lush and have been really enjoying it!  I chose Rose Jam which is one of my favourite lush scents as it smells just like turkish delight. Rose is also very nourishing for your skin and helps to reduces any redness or irritation.


The naked shower gels work exactly the same way as the bottled Lush shower gels but Sodium Stearate has been added to make them solid. This makes them far better for the environment as there is absolutely no packaging involved! My favourite thing about lush is how environmentally conscious they are so this product particularly appealed to me and I hope all of you will give this ago rather than your usual bottled shower gel. All Lush products are also cruelty free!


Naked shower gels are super easy to use, you just run them under water and they lather up in your hands! They have a very different texture to a bar of soap and leave your skin soft and moisturised rather than dry. They are definitely just as foamy and smell just as lovely as regular shower gels!

I hope this encourages you all to try out a naked shower gel, let me know how it goes if you do!

I hope everyone enjoys this post!

All of the pictures of the pictures in this post were either taken by me or Nathan, feel free to follow us on Instagram if you would like –



Sofia xx



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