The Face Oil I Can’t Be Without!


I have never really stuck to a daily skin routine or used any products on my skin other than moisturiser. So recently I’ve really been trying to get into a skin routine and commit to it because this face has to last me a life time! I’ve been trying out lots of new products to see what works with my skin, I never thought I’d like a face oil as I already have slightly oily skin but I have found one that I love!

I got this Clarin’s face oil for Christmas after I had run out of the sample as I just couldn’t be without it! This is the first Clarin’s product I have ever used and I’m super impressed.


I use this Lotus face oil most nights after I have moisturised to help rebalance the oils in my skin. When I wake up my skin is glowy, soft and dewy! Its Important to apply your face oil after your moisturiser as if you apply it before the oil acts as a barrier and prevents the moisturiser from reaching the skin.

This oil is made completely from extracts of lotus and hazelnut which help to tighten pores, balance the skin, hydrate and prevent fine lines. The lotus oil is for combination to oily skin but they also have an Santal oil for dry skin and a blue orchid oil which I’m sure are just as lovely as this one.

The oil comes in a 30ml bottle with a dropper so its super easy to apply and not at all messy. my skin feels nourished and radiant after using this and it will definitely be in my skin routine for a while! Im definitely going to invest in one of their lip oils next!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I’ll see you again very soon!

Sofia xx

Instagram: sofia.prusak

All Photography by @nathan_fry_photography


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