Mini TK Max Haul!


I have recently discovered the wonders of TK Max! I had no idea that they had a beauty section and now I know I’m obsessed. All the products are very good quality for much cheaper prices and some are very high end! Naturally I went on a little shopping spree so I thought I’d show you my mini haul.

First I found this Rose Micellar Cleanser by Adora Skin for £4.99. Usually I use a cleansing balm so this is a nice change as it makes taking my make up off super quick and easy. I pour some of this onto a cotton pad and gently wipe away my make up. I love that this doesn’t leave my skin dry but makes it feel very clean and nourished. It does sting a little bit if it gets in my eyes but thats understandable because your not supposed to put it in your eyes…


I usually use coconut oil on my hair once a week as a hydrating mask so I picked up this coconut hair oil mist for £5.99. I spray a little bit of this onto my hair while its wet, comb it through and let it dry. Since I’ve been using this my hair has definitely been incredibly soft and very voluminous! I really really love this and would definitely recommend it especially if you have curly hair. remember with oil that less is more or you’ll be very greasy but it really keeps my hair hydrated and much less frizzy! This is definitely going to be a permanent part of my hair care routine.


Now this is where it get really really exciting!

I found a Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick for £4.99 instead of £19! I cannot believe they had these for such a good price! I picked the shade Jelly Donut which is very vibrant and the perfect shade for spring. Ive really been loving this as its not drying like most liquid lipsticks. Its also very buildable so you can have it super pink and bright or very natural so it looks like your real lips but better. Its in a squeezy tube with a sponge applicator so its very easy to apply and very wearable! I’m very tempted to go and get more of these…

I also found one of my holy grail eyeliners for £4.99 instead of the usual £16! Eyeko liners are my favourite eyeliners in the whole world, I always have one in my makeup bag as they last so long and are super easy to use. I am going to do a whole post on how much a love them very very soon! This one if the fat liner which is like a giant marker pen, perfect for bold liner looks.


So its safe to say I am now a big fan of TK Max and am definitely going to keep shopping there and looking for new bargains! I also found a Clarin’s lipstick for £7.99 but I gave it to my mum for mothers day so its not in this haul.  I would definitely recommend you pop down to your nearest TK Max (TJ Max if your in America) and have a browse in the beauty section as you could find some great stuff.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts!

speak to you very soon!

Sofia x

Instagram: sofia.prusak


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